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Due to non-disclosure agreements, much of my work cannot be posted publicly. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.
Here is a small selection of my published material:

Client Testimonials

Lisa was hired for a very client-sensitive engagement. She not only jumped in with great organizational skills but managed client expectations with superior results. This was a difficult engagement on many levels, and Lisa's commitment to editorial excellence assured our success.

Janice Brand, Supervisor,
RR Donnelley

We enjoyed working with Lisa as she is very professional, responsive, and dedicated to her craft. She did not shy away from a big ask and a small timeline, diving into our project promptly. Lisa was able to balance the project that required both technical understanding and creative writing, and did a wonderful job. She was highly communicative during the entire process and worked well to incorporate all the feedback she was provided.

Lisa wrote two blog posts sent to my mailing list and posted on social media. The posts were impactful in that they resonated with my audience, included lessons learned, and had a high open and view rate and no unsubscribers. One post had an open rate of 27% and 352 views on Linked In. The other post had a 74% open rate and 1,022 views on Linked In! Lisa was a pleasure to work with and will continue to work with her as I evolve my business.

Kim Bercovitz, Ph.D. "Dr. Kim"

Lisa is a skilled communications professional, meeting every challenge head-on with creativity, incredible efficiency, and hard work. I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa for many years and am continually impressed with her passion, professionalism, and tremendous breadth of knowledge and experience. An absolute pleasure. I will always look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

It was great to have had the opportunity to work with Lisa during her contract at Saint Elizabeth. Beyond her quality of work and professionalism, her personality and sincere good nature always brightened everyone's day. 

Scott Fortnum,
Foundation Head,
Saint Elizabeth Health Care

We engaged Lisa on some challenging projects in the midst of the creative process. She got up to speed quickly and delivered fantastic creative work. Her ability to quickly grasp the subject matter and turn around compelling creative copy was impressive. Along with her high-quality work, she is a pleasure to work with. I’d highly recommend her, and plan to work with her more in the future! 

Teresa Yung

Associate Creative Director  MyAdbox Canada

Laura Clinton

Executive Director 

Mining Matters

Roger Boutin

Vice President,Communications

SCORR Marketing




With knowledge gleaned from 25 years' experience working with corporations, advertising agencies, publications, non-profits and freelance clients, I help my clients meet their marketing-communications objectives.


My education spans decades and degrees: I hold two university degrees -- a B.A.A., Radio & Television Arts, from (the former) Ryerson University and a B.A., Sociology, from Dalhousie University as well as a college certificate in early childhood education.


A lifelong volunteer, I'm on the Parent Advisory Board for both Kinark Child & Family Services and U of A's ECHO Health program.


Want to know more? I love to read, bake cookies, hike, cycle, paint, hug my chonky cat, and play Wordle.

My amazing clients & employers include:

  • Target

  • RR Donnelley

  • McCann Worldwide

  • SCORR Healthcare Marketing

  • Mining Matters

  • AMP agency

  • KCI Management Inc. 

  • Ontario Justice Education Network

  • Dovetail Communications

  • Attainable Sustainable

  • Survivors' Secretariat

  • ParentsCanada magazine 

  • Adobe

  • Universus Agency

  • Cult Collective Ltd.


  • Ontario Science Centre

  • Career Cruising 

  • Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto 

  • Robert Half 

  • MGB Marketing 

  • Exceptional Family magazine 

  • Dr. Kim Bercovitz 

  • CAFC


  • Communique

  • Saint Elizabeth Health Care

  • TVOntario

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Branding effects everything. From writing all the copy for the re-brand of a major American healthcare marketing agency to creating innovative product names and taglines for a new app, branding is definitely in my wheelhouse.


From pithy social media captions to complex white papers, I've crafted communications for all types of audiences: B2B, B2C, B2G and G2G.

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If you require a second set of eyes and a sharp  pencil, you're in good hands. I've proofread and edited award show entries, web site copy, teaching materials, proposals, books and ads.

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Need a communications consultant to figure out next steps for your company, nonprofit, brand or passion project? I've worked with some of North America's leading organizations.

Expertise and Services

My marketing-communications services include:

  • White papers

  • Research

  • Branding

  • Editing

  • Proofreading

  • Editorial

  • Advertising

  • Video scripts

  • Social Media (captions and graphics)

  • Sales emails

  • Marketing copy

  • Web copy

  • Newsletters

  • Blog posts

  • Infographics

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